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Pre-market showings

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Pre-Market Showings

Pitfalls and Advantages

My team and I have been working hard to prepare our client’s Moraga home for sale. A neighbor has been watching the progress and reached out to me for an early showing request. Here are a few things to consider.

1. How close is the home to “show ready”?

2. Who is the buyer? Lookie Loos or pre-approved, active buyers?

3. What are the market conditions? No longer frothy and currently choppy.

4. What is the market for your home? How does your home grade-out verse the competition?

5. What is your bottom-line sales price that you will be happy with?

6. What does your experienced agent recommended?

Could be leaving money on the table without full exposure to the market.

Get into contract with a buyer without open-market competitive terms. Contingencies. #opportunity

Buyer did not see how the market reacted to the home creating doubt in the homes true value.

Use leverage to set price and terms with buyer based on an off-market opportunity

No agents and buyers tromping through your home.

No open houses

Likely quicker close

Possible cost savings on final improvements and staging.

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